You want to be happy! You would like to sleep well, be energized, motivated, think positively and make your life meaningful. You are looking for an effective, fast acting and long lasting treatment.

Depression, anxiety, stress, trauma with difficulty coping, fatigue, difficulty with concentration and several other symptoms can cause a disruption in our ability to function at home, work or in our relationships.
We are the first in the South Jersey area to offer Brainsway's Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or dTMS services.
As an Integrative/Functional psychiatric practitioner, I treat the person as a whole.
A healthy daily routine is important for mind/body neurotransmitter balance.
New research shows that Depression and Anxiety are symptoms of inflammation in the body.
Know about meditation practices.
My name is Dr. Amita Talati and I am a board certified psychiatrist.

The mind often associates healing with outside factors alone such as medication, herbs or supplements.
Welcome. My name is Dr. Amita Talati and for over twenty years, I have built a practice centered around patient care with an Integrative/Functional approach meaning that I will consider many aspects of your health to help uncover and heal both symptoms as well as root causes.
Tele Psychiatry sessions involve using the internet. A connection is made between you and the doctor through a secure site.
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