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The mind often associates healing with outside factors alone such as medication, herbs or supplements. Our body has the innate ability to heal itself. However, when there is stress or inflammation or even change in our gut microbes, it can cause increased breakdown in neurotransmitters or reduced production of these chemicals.

This leads to a cascade of events with symptoms such as depression, anxiety or difficulty coping with stressors. Women especially juggle multiple careers such as a home, work and children which may affect their health. An integrative/functional psychiatry approach would take all this into consideration and a personal treatment plan with recommendations such as medication, supplements, relaxation, nutrition discussion with emphasis on self care is created.

New Clients

New Clients

For Holistic/Integrative Evaluation:

Please note Holistic consultation and follow-up are not covered by insurance company. This would have to be self pay visits and can be online and across states. To contact us and to try out our 3 days FREE trial of Joyful Mind Reset 4 weeks program, click here.

For Medication Evaluation:

I would like to make an Appointment

Thanks you for your interest in Dr. Talati’s practice. We have built a practice centered around patient care with an Integrative/Holistic approach meaning that we will consider many aspects of your health to help uncover and heal both symptoms as well as root causes. If you’re looking for a psychiatrist that values allopathic medicine but does not merely push pills, our practice might be a good match for you. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about us and about our Integrative approach. 

If you are interested in making an appointment kindly fill out the Intake Form so that we can assess if we can help you. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT AN APPOINTMENT WILL BE MADE. Dr. Talati will review the forms and if she agrees that you would be a good candidate for treatment at our office, we will contact you to make an appointment or to let you know that she does not think that this practice is the best match for you. Please visit our FAQ section for insurances we accept.

I have an Appointment

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Amita Talati. If you have already scheduled your Initial Appointment, please fill out the Patient Information and History form sent to you via email at least 48 hours before your visit. Please also review the HIPPA Privacy Rule.  You will be required to sign a form stating that you understand privacy rule.

Skype Sessions

Tele Psychiatry Sessions

Tele-psychiatry sessions involve using the internet. A connection is made between you and the doctor through a secure site. We use a HIPPAA compliant site. The session is conducted via video teleconferencing. This allows a person to person interaction.

You would require a private setting to conduct the session. Other than using technology, the rest of the communication remains the same.

By agreeing to a tele-psychiatry session you acknowledge that you understand that this is an internet connection.

The first session is in-person at the office. After first session, provider will decide if tele-psychiatry is appropriate for the future sessions.

Once your session is scheduled, you can get Tele Psychiatric Session instruction by clicking here


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