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Pat Basara: Dr Talati and her staff are great to work with. After many years of a family member's struggle with depression and many types of antidepressants, the TMS treatments available at her office was the solution. Read more

After over 20 years of depression, it was worth the 5 weeks of treatments to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend this to anyone who is or knows someone who struggles with this. I was initially very hesitant about this new technology, but seeing the wonderful outcome, I feel grateful and wish everyone knew about it. I've lost friends to depression through the years and wonder how their lives may have been saved if only they had this treatment available at that time. Thank you Dr. Talati for making this available Show less

Josh G: I've had TMS through the Neurostar system and a different provider 2.5 years ago. It worked incredibly well but despite even undergoing maintenance treatments I relapsed 2 years after. I totally lost my vitality. I had no motivation whatsoever, I could not experience pleasure. Read more

Initially I lost a lot of weight, since I had no appetite, but then gained a lot of weight to cope with the depression. I tried 6 different medications. I was in intensive outpatient therapy, which helped somewhat, but I needed a further push. I honestly didn't think another round of TMS would help; the IOP psychiatrist encouraged me to undergo TMS again. I was pleasantly surprised that deep TMS was being offered in my area (I recently moved) and that my insurance covered it. I can say a lot about TMS, but to be concise, I believe it helped me get into total remission, with few side effects. I wake up jumping out of bed, excited and looking forward to the day. Everything is more beautiful, work is less stressful, my relationships are becoming more meaningful, and my circumstances are drastically changing. I have myself and my vitality back. Aside from the technology, both my Neurostar and Brainsway providers were excellent. They did not shy away from giving me cell phone numbers that I could contact at any time. I also feel that Dr. Talati works with me to manage my medications as a team, and considers my input. She doesn't rush me at all. It's evident she is not doing this only for the money, but that she genuinely wants to help heal people. Show less

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Deep TMS

We are the first in the South Jersey area to offer Brainsway's Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or dTMS services.

A safe, effective and proven non-drug treatment for mild to persistent depression.
Depression often seems like a bleak cycle from which there is no escape. Traditional depression treatments, such as antidepressants or ECT often heighten the despair by failing to provide an adequate solution for many patients, due to various disadvantages such as low efficacy, severe side effects, anesthesia and hospitalization.

Brainsway : A New Dawn in Depression Treatment
Deep TMS is one holistic option for individuals who have difficulty tolerating antidepressant use or who have not achieved effective symptom relief with antidepressants. The therapy works by stimulating neurons responsible for depressive symptoms. This safe, non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment permits most users to experience symptom remission following a 4 to 6 week period of service. A short-term outpatient procedure, Brainsway Deep TMS sessions provide effective results in much shorter time (just 20 minutes compared to 37 with traditional TMS). Moreover, Brainsway Deep TMS does not require anesthesia, and entails no memory loss and no systemic side effects. Immediately following each of the treatments, users are able to return to their usual routines, including driving to work, school and other commitments.

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Insurance Coverage
Most insurances cover deep TMS treatment. We are providers for many insurance plans and most PPO plans. We provide free insurance verification for deep TMS treatment.

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